Unboxing: Louis Vuitton Nano Speedy

In December 2020 I got a call from my SA at Louis Vuitton at the Rocks Sydney store.

She left a message to tell me that one of her clients had cancelled their order for the nano speedy, and that if I still wanted it I had better be quick.

I literally ran out of the office and into a train during my lunch break.

At this time, I hadn’t seen one in real life yet.  It was like a mythical bag that was only seen online.

When I arrived at Louis Vuitton, my SA ushered me to the upstairs floor as she said it would a better experience without people eyeballing my rarer than hens teeth bag.

This item is so hot that you have to get into a waitlist for it, and the window to actually get onto the waitlist is small.

You’ll need a relationship with a SA (sales assistant or client advisor) in order to purchase this item, it’s your best bet.

Originally I had planned to spray the vachetta straps with Collonil product to protect the vachetta, but I just couldn’t wait to use it!  I’ll document the process of protecting the bag in another blog post, particularly against rain and unwanted stains.  That said, the aging or patina of the straps won’t bother me as I prefer the darkening of the leather that some dislike so much.  I feel it gives the bag character, and it shows that the bag has been loved and used.

Anyway, I digress.  When I first laid eyes on the bag in store, I have to admit I was a bit shocked that it was SO small.  I wondered how my iphone pro max would even fit!  I found that if I removed the iphone case it fit fine, with a little shifting back and forth.  Once the phone was in, other items like my wallet and keys fit easily, and there was room spare for lipstick and a few other essentials like hand sanitizer and a facemask.

Either way, I wasn’t going to let this bag slip out of my hands, who knew when it would be available next!

Louis Vuitton xmas 2020 packaging

The nano speedy was $1,590 AUD which for Louis Vuitton is fairly affordable.  The next size speedy which is the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 with the strap is $2,310 AUD which is quite a significant leap.

Lucky for me I was able to get it with the 2020 Christmas packaging, which makes it just a little bit more special.

Here’s the unboxing of this cutie on our Tik Tok channel @theluxaholic

I have used the nano speedy a few times since purchasing and it’s quickly becoming a favourite! I will share more in a detailed review soon, with mod shots and what the bag fits.

The price ($1,590 AUD) is comparable to the Gucci disco or the YSL camera bag…but I think it’s a little bit more special as it’s harder to get 😜

What do you think?  Leave a comment down below.

Until then, if you have this bag please leave a review and help others decide whether they should add this to their collection!  If you don’t own this bag and love it, hit the ‘love heart’ below to add it to your wishlist!


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