The Luxaholic June Edit

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Louis Vuitton

Have you pre-ordered the Louis Vuitton Nice Nano?  How cute is this little guy?  You can attach a chain to make it cross body and we hear an iPhone Pro will fit into the nano as well!  Click on the ‘heart’ over the image to add it to your wishlist!

So what do you think of the Louis Vuitton Pont 9?  We’re loving it at The Luxaholic, but we do NOT like the price point!  NEXT…


The beautiful Dior Bobby to rival Louis Vuitton’s Pont 9.  Read RUSSH’s article on the new bobby for more details.  It comes in three sizes, small, medium and large.  The large is extra special as it comes with a gorgeous detachable strap that can be used for your other Dior bags, as you do!

Dior in Australia are also raising prices this week, set to increase tomorrow!  If you are able to head in store to purchase your Dior Wishlist items, now is the time to do it as some increases are set to be significant!  This Lady Dior in the small ultra matte has recently launched in Australia, be the first to get a hold of this and call your Dior SA now!

Hope you enjoyed our June edit of our favourite bags!

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