The Luxaholic Diaries: Buying the LV Pochette Metis

I came across the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis back in 2016 when I was working in Sydney CBD, and on one of my lunch breaks I met with a girlfriend that wanted to see the bag in person. We were lucky to get a hold of one in store and we both fell in love with the style and simplicity of this bag! I really wanted and couldn’t stop thinking about it! I tried it on, took a couple of mod shot photos and then decided to do more research to see if the bag would match my needs. Back then The Luxaholic Review website didn’t exist so I had to watch multiple youtube videos and fashion blogs to find the information I needed to make an informative decision.

A week later I was totally convinced I had to get it, it was just perfect and ticked all of the boxes! The strap length, the compartments which can fit my SLGs as well as my planner, the design, the versatility which would allow me to wear it cross body for casual events or as a clutch on more formal ones and also being so comfortable!

Image Source: @theluxaholic



It has now been three years since I’ve owned it and I am still as happy as the first day I purchased. I decided to accessorise by adding a Louis Vuitton bandeau. It dresses up the bag and makes it so fun and girly!

I have heard of glazing issues but so far I have been lucky to have not experienced any issues.

What are your thoughts on the bag?  Please leave a review here and let us know if you love it or hate it!

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