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The Dior Book Tote, an original style introduced by Dior's Creative Director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, has become a staple of the Dior aesthetic. Ideally designed to carry all your daily essentials, including your laptop, the small style is fully embroidered with a 'Christian Dior' signature on the front. This carryall is a perfect example of the Dior savoir-faire and it may be worn with other small accessories or the Mitzah scarf for a complete look. Colour variations: Blue, Burgundy, floral etc. Verdict: The Christian Dior Book Tote in the small size is a great every day bag! It can fit all your essentials and it can be personalised and is totally worth it! Leave a Review Below Recommended bag organiser:  KD Australia SAMORGA 

More Details

Interior Pockets: None
Closure: None
Hardware: None
Interior Pockets: None
Size (in cm): 36.5 x 28 x 17.5cm
Made In: Made in Italy
Style: M1296ZRIW_M928

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4 reviews

  1. Avatar
    A must have in every collection

    After purchasing my first small book tote only 6 months ago I am so obsessed I have just bought my third. This is the best everyday bag and I cannot recommend it enough. It’s easy to use, just throw your things in, it’s stylish, it fits loads without being big and bulky and best of all is lightweight. I absolutely love this bag and know I’ll be getting another. The quality and durability of the workmanship is evident and find myself reaching for this bag more than any other bag in my collection.Totally in love.


  2. Avatar Admin
    Super stylish book tote!

    I am obsessed with this book tote! It can literally fit the kitchen sink, I am looking for an organiser to add so that I can organise my things otherwise it is a bottomless pit. I can already use my speedy 30 organiser if I really wanted to use it now. I was able to get one at the Sydney David Jones store, pre-ordered via my SA. Lucky me got the new pink mitzah to go with the bag and it’s perfect! Here’s my book tote in all her glory xx


  3. Avatar
    The perfect summer bag

    I love the bag! You can use it with anything and you look amazing.
    I personally like the size because the big one was too much for me because I am not very tall. The color it’s neutral so it goes with anything.


  4. Karen Doan
    The perfect everyday bag

    The Dior book tote was first introduced for Spring/Summer 2018 collection, under the creative direction of Maria Grazia Chiuri. Many people think the book tote is “just” a simple canvas bag but this is far from the truth. This understated, yet extremely luxurious tote bag takes approx thirty seven of work and 1,500,000 stitches to complete the bag. The embroidered canvas comes in many seasonal patterns and prints. My favourite is the toile du jouy print (as shown in my photo in pink) and the classic Dior oblique. They are available now in three sizes (mini, small and medium) but I’d have to say the small tote is my favourite. It can be worn over the shoulder, crook of your arm or just hand held. It has a spacious interior which makes it the perfect bag for work, beach, shopping or just everyday. The only con (if i can even say that) is the fact that there is no compartments or zipper pocket but this can be easily fixed with a bag organiser.


    • katherinele79

      Love your detailed review! Because of you and how much you love this bag, I raced out and got one as well for my birthday this year. Absolutely love it, feels like I can carry the kitchen sink in it Haha. I feel so stylish in this bag, I will share my detailed review shortly but thank you for sharing! Xx



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