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  • Ideally designed to carry all your daily essentials, the large style is fully embroidered with the iconic Dior Oblique pattern in blue, with a 'Christian Dior' signature on the front.
  • This carryall is a perfect example of the Dior savoir-faire and it may be worn with other small accessories or the Mitzah scarf for a complete look.
  • Verdict: The Christian Dior Book Tote in the large size is a great travel bag! It can fit all your essentials and it can be personalised and is totally worth it!
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More Details

Size (in cm): 41.5 x 35 x 18 cm
Made In: Italy

Christian Dior’ signature
May be carried by hand
Dust bag included


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4 reviews

  1. M L
    It is the perfect (work) bag!... Or ist it?

    My KaleiDIORscopic Book Tote means a lot to me. I always loved the bag and design while my friends hated on it 24/7. When Dior then released that print – SOLD! I also always had the specific idea of wanting a high end & quality work bag as I was still a student at that time and definitely wanted to leave that (life)style behind me as soon as I entered the work force full-time. So my parents actually also pitched in and helped me get this bag as a graduation gift! Parents… GOTTA LOVE EM!

    After owning the bag for a bit over a year and a half now my love for it is still there but it has actually become my least used bags. Sometimes it is the most practical choice but these days I end up preferring other bags over it.

    “Oh my god that’s heavy”:
    I never really liked using it for travel (aka commuting between me and my boyfriends place) because even with just enough clothes for a weekend, toiletries, etc. it felt heavy AF and also like I was straining it a bit too much.
    In addition to that I noticed that the moisture from my hands – after carrying that bad boy round several blocks and trains – soaked into the handles leaving a clammy feeling behind that never really went away. Of course nowadays there is always a Mitzah on each handle but I would have loved to not make that a definite MUST.

    “Why art thou not higher”:
    I wish the handles would be just a bit taller so carrying it on the shoulder – which tbh I can do unless I wear a really thicc winter coat – would be even more comfortable than it is right now.

    “Marie Kondô – Save my bag!”:
    The fact that this bag works best when using an organizer is probably pretty obvious and for me actually a plus because I love organizers but for some people organization better come with that heavy price tag already.

    “Are these the new…”:
    It is a really beautiful bag that is always released with the newest, hottest and most intrigued designs. From Kaleidoscopes to Monkeys literally anything goes with that bag making it an absolute showstopper. The fact that it says Christian Dior in big letters can be a bit of a turn off depending where you are but then just turn it round and have your name embroidered for example! Like I said ANYTHING GOES.

    “Everything but the kitchen sink”:
    But it fits even that. Organizer or not – that big black hole of a bag can be your best companion for anything – travel, shopping, pretending to be Santa Claus, beach bag, etc. It just has to work for you where it might not work for me because it’s your life and your story not mine!

    I would never lie to you. xoxo Markus


    • Katherine

      WOW such a detailed review thank you!!


  2. Karen Doan
    Travel bag

    The Dior book tote in large is the perfect travel companion! I’ve taken her on so many flights in the past two years and she’s managed to keep her shape. Shown below is my book tote with an added saddle coin purse for easy access to my keys and coins!


    • Katherine

      Your doggie Coco is too cute! I agree the book tote is a fab travel bag, oh that’s clever to attach a coin purse, love the idea! xx


  3. Avatar
    Beautiful bag, perfect for travel!

    I love book totes. They’re simple, yet elegant and oh so practical! I have 2 large and 3 small totes. I must say that the large is a tad too big for my petite frame (5’1) so I’d say the small is better suited for me! I feel like the large can overpower my outfit at times. However I do love the option of having a large tote for travelling, it’s definitely a great bag!


    • katherinele79

      Gorgeous! Definitely the small book tote suits your frame more, and gosh lucky girl to have 4! Thanks for leaving your review xx Kat


    • Karen

      Looks gorgeous on you!


  4. Sarah Lovesluxe
    Great for work and play!

    I use this Dior Book Tote for work (as it fits my big 15″ laptop) and also on days off. I can fit my daily essentials (phone, keys, makeup bag, A5 diary, drink bottle and toys for my little boy). I just love that everything fits. My next purchase is to get a matching twilly to dress this up! I do really love this bag and there is no other design like it and I have I had this personalised with my name. I’m giving it 4 stars because for the price, I could purchase a leather bag in another brand, but still love it!



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