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Size (in inches): 6.6 × 9.8 × 4.7 in
Size (in cm): 17 × 25 × 12 cm
Material: Lambskin

Colour: Black

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One review

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    I had the chance to own the Trendy CC in the small size in denim. It was such a stunning piece, a mix of both casual and chic. The Trendy CC easily gained it’s popularity because of it’s classic look and function in terms of how much it can hold and the multiple ways to carry it. I has multiple compartments for easy organization and fits a good amount even in the small size. The one I had has a detachable shoulder strap which is very convenient for storage or if you want to just use your bag as a top handle carry. The newer released now comes with non-detachable shoulder strap but this changed will prevent the strap from detaching by itself. I honestly think that the denim version of this Trendy CC bag will hold up more than the classic lambskin that it usually comes in. However, it always depends on how one uses it or takes care of the bag. As much as I love the bag, it didn’t work out for my current lifestyle. So if ever I will add a denim Chanel bag again, it will be in a mini size bag or the Trendy CC may come back to my collection in the future once I can brave the lambskin leather.


    • katherinele79

      Love your detailed review, thank you! This bag is on everyone’s wishlist right now, we all want to get one before the next price rise!



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