CHANEL Boy Medium Handbag

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Hardware: Ruthenium-Finish Metal
Size (in inches): 5.9 × 9.8 × 3.5 in
Size (in cm): 15 × 25 × 9 cm
Material: Calfskin

Colour: Black

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4 reviews

  1. Avatar
    Chanel boy medium review

    The Chanel boy has been a bag that I have wanted as far as I remember. It’s beautiful style has a bit more edge than the classic flap, so it can be worn dressed up or casually, and it’s also not as “bling” as other Chanel bags. It fits a lot, including a longer wallet, keys, compact, lipstick, phone and still has room, one of the main reasons why I love it. While it’s a larger bag (when mini bags are the trend at the moment) this bag will remain a classic and will never date. In terms of cons, the bag can stick out from the body, and the chain is large and can be a little heavy. Currently I only have 1 boy in red calfskin at the moment but hope to add a few more in different colours in future!


    • Katherine

      Your dress and this bag is TDF! Thank you for your review xx


  2. Avatar

    I believe that you can’t go wrong with this bag. It’s perfect for a night out or just for daily stuff and still look fantastic.
    For me this size was perfect, the small was too small (in my opinion)


  3. Avatar
    Iconic and favourite bag

    This has to be one of my favourite bags. It’s the perfect size to fit my wallet, keys, phone, lip gloss etc and it goes with every outfit.


    • katherinele79

      Thank you for your review! 💓


  4. Avatar
    Mixed emotions on my Boy Bag!

    The CHANEL Boy Bag was on my wishlist for the longest time, and in 2016 during our honeymoon trip to Paris, I scored the perfect unicorn in blush/beige colour, old medium size, lambskin leather, chevron stitching and silver hardware. She is beautiful and part of the CHANEL classics and in my opinion, will never go out of style. I absolutely loved my Boy Bag and wore her so much the first 2 years! Then I started finding the chain too loud and too chunky (compared to the classic flap chains), the smooth lambskin leather was luxurious but was high maintenance… and extra care needed on the light coloured leather to avoid colour transfers. After purchasing other classic handbags, I also found the box type structure becoming too edgy for my style. I love the thought of the Boy Bag being part of my CHANEL collection, but not exactly the bag itself? I know its crazy but these mixed emotions are starting to make me think twice.. whether I should keep the bag or not?! I also found other Boy Bag owners with similar views as I did. So like the others… I’m going to give her one last chance and will try and wear her a lot more now.. and hopefully fall in love with her all over again!


    • Cheryl Tang

      Hi Rach! I love your review! This is on my wishlist. How did you pick between the chevron finish vs others? It sounds like I need to get the Classic and a Boy and love them both for different looks?! They are both Chanel, so can’t go wrong right 😉


    • Rach Mercado

      Hi Cheryl! So sorry for the late reply as I just saw your question! Honestly at the time, chevron was the style available that season, and I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! It was the perfect combo with the blush and shw so I knew I’d be crazy to let it go! Sometimes you cant plan with Chanel as it all depends on what stock and style each season! AND YES! 100% correct that you cant go wrong with a classic flap and a boy bag! They are true Chanel classics! Good luck babe!!



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