CHANEL Medium Classic Flap

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Size (in inches): 6 × 9.9 × 2.5 in
Size (in cm): 15.5 × 25.5 × 6.5 cm
Material: Lambskin

Colour: Black

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5 reviews

  1. Avatar
    Dream bag

    I have this in caviar leather and it’s such a staple in my wardrobe. Was and still is my dream bag, it transcends time and goes with every outfit and will never date. The size is perfect and fits all my essentials for a day/night.


  2. Avatar
    Medium Classic flap review by Claudie Merlot

    This bag is stunning! I purchased it a few weeks ago, and it goes with everything. It is iconic and a must have. Happy shopping and cheers!


  3. Avatar
    It's love

    I was lucky enough to purchase this bag from the Rue de Cambon store in Paris 2019. I got the caviar in black with SHW.
    It goes with everything! And quite a practical size to use day to day. Such a classic and definitely the best investment piece I own.


    • katherinele79

      Oh my gosh! She’s stunning, and you too my dear. I have this flap in the beige colour, absolutely love it for special occasions. You’re rocking it cross body too! xx


  4. Avatar
    The best bag for me 🤩🤩

    Every since I was young, this has always been my dream bag. I was able to buy this before the price increase and Oh my lord, she is a beauty. She’s even more prettier in real life. This is by far my must have bag. It is very spacious for me. I use this bag for literally everything. I even bring it with me to travel and no problems. I just freaking love this! Definitely a recommendation for everyone. You know you will love this!!


  5. Avatar
    Perfect accompaniment

    I have this bag in the rectangular mini and the jumbo sizes. I use this size (almost) daily for work. It fits everything I need. I have it in the violet lambskin and I use a shoe bag which I cut down to size to put my things in (see picture) so the inside of the bag is protected.

    I use my mini at night, though this one will go day to night. My jumbo is new, but I find it a bit heavy for daily use.

    You will enjoy this bag for sure!




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