CHANEL Business Affinity (Small)

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Hardware: Gold-Tone Metal
Size (in inches): 5.5 × 7.4 × 2.7 in
Size (in cm): 14 × 19 × 7 cm
Material: Grained Calfskin

Colour: Blue

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One review

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    Don't buy this bag!

    I really did want to love this bag! I purchased it a few years ago, before the many many price increases. However, when I fill up the front with anything heavy then I can’t stand it up right! It falls over, and when I’m at a nice restaurant that’s embarrassing as it once fell into my food! I can’t have that happen, so I ended up selling it. What I did like about the bag is that it has a few compartments so that it helps to organise my stuff. The other thing I hated about it was the bag is quite boxy so it sticks out quite a bit when you wear it, making it not so elegant. It’s more a day bag I think, and would choose the Coco Handle over this one any day as that one is way more versatile!



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