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Grained Shiny Calfskin & Gold-Tone Metal

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Hardware: Gold-Tone Metal
Size (in inches): 9.4 × 13.7 × 0.6 in
Size (in cm): 24 × 35 × 1.5 cm
Material: Grained Shiny Calfskin
SKU: A84407 B02275 N5953 Category: im in

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One review

  1. Avatar Admin
    Love the design but it is a tad impractical :(

    I have this pouch in maybe the medium size, which I purchased pre COVID. Since then I’ve mostly stayed at home and carrying a pouch with no handle or strap has been a rarity. I still love the o-case though and have purchased several but with limited use! I love the ‘idea’ of the pouch but always choose a bag with a strap. The pouch is probably useful to hold small documents or bits and bobs if I were to find another use for it. I love Chanel SLG’s and have collected several, but if I had my time again I probably wouldn’t have purchased this.



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