How I turned the Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 15 into a cute mini handbag!

My Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 15 has been transformed into a cute small handbag!

I bought this pouch back in 2014 and I absolutely loved it as it is a good size to carry your makeup essentials as well as to use it as a catch all. However I found myself reaching to my Pochette Accesoires much more as I loved the fact that I could hold it by the chain when I needed to go for a quick errand, the only issue is that it wouldn’t fit my iPhone XS.

I was considering selling the pouch when I found an insert that gave this beautiful pouch a make over! This insert is by KD Australia and I absolutely love it.

The KD Insert features

The insert comes with Grommets which allow to attach a chain to convert your pouch into a mini handbag.

It has 3 internal compartments, the first one is big enough to fit a couple of cards. The other two for small things like folded receipts, headbands, etc.

What I love about this insert is how light weight it is yet very sturdy. It is made of felt and it comes in 5 different colours: Cream, Red, Light Pink, Dark Brown and Sky Blue. The one below is the cream colour.

What fits?

  • Dior Lipstick
  • Louis Vuitton Key Pouch
  • Cards
  • iPhone XS


For me this insert has given a make over to my pouch. I am using it almost on daily basis when doing quick errands as I can carry my essentials: Keys, Cards and my iPhone XS.


Only a minor, you have to keep your pouch zipped as the insert comes out when leaving it open. One thing to note is that this happens, the insert will still be attached to the pouch and chain, so there is no risk of the insert or pouch falling on the floor. To me this is minor as I always leave it closed for security reasons.

The Chain

You can select different sizes according to your body frame as well as different chain types! I am 160cm and for me the 120cm length was perfect to make it a crossbody handbag.

How to convert the Pouch into a cute mini bag


How I convert my #louisvuitton toiletry15 into a cute crossbody bag using an insert from KD, link in bio ❤️ #toiletrybag #lv #baghacks #monogram #wimb

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Overall Score

This insert is light, compact and extremely functional. I just wished the small compartments were converted into a big one to add more cards, for this reason I have given a score of 9.6.

This insert has made my life much easier and I highly recommend it.

You can purchase it by visiting the KD website.

Hope you enjoyed our quick how to!  Would you convert your toiletry?  Comment down below!

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