What you NEED to know before buying your FIRST preloved designer handbag

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What you NEED to know before buying your FIRST preloved designer bag!

Finding that designer bag that you really want for a much discounted price is no easy task.  There are SO many sellers and platforms that offer preloved designer bags, but which ones can you trust?  It seems as though new designer bag sellers are coming into the market on a daily basis, and it’s easy to fall for a seller that has photos of a bag – but how do you know it is authentic, or that they have a good reputation?   

We have broken it down for you based on what we know through buying and selling ourselves.   

Note that all the businesses below ship worldwide.  They are trusted sellers in the luxury community and you can buy with confidence.   

Where do I look to buy a preloved designer bag?

Lets look at 4 popular reseller platforms.


Fashionphile is one of our personal favourites.  They allow you to ‘layby’ or ‘reserve’ an item so that you have time to pay for the bag, which makes sense as these bags are expensive.  They also have an incredible amount of stock that is updated regularly.  Everything is checked in house before it is added to their website, so it is a very safe way to purchase.  Fashionphile also often have discounts so make sure you add the bag you want to your wishlist to be notified of any special discounts.



Rebag is another popular platform, similar to Fashionphile.  The only thing we would suggest is that you compare prices, as we have noticed that some of the pricing (especially once converted into local currency) tends to be quite high.

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is a bit like eBay in that, they allow you to contact the seller directly and even negotiate on the listing price.  However, all items that you purchase are sent to their in house authenticators so rest assured that your item is being checked for authenticity before it is shipped to you.  There are so many bargains to be had on this platform, it’s a fun way to shop designer!


eBay is our least favourite way to shop designer bags, mainly because there is a plethora of super fakes on eBay and the protection while is mostly skewed towards buyers, there still poses a risk buying this way.

We only recommend eBay for the most savvy of luxe buyers, who have years of experiencing buying either in store or online.  There are some tell tale signs that a bag may be inauthentic, and that’s a topic for another blog but if you are buying your FIRST designer bag preloved, do not venture into eBay.

That said, if you are savvy and love a good hunt then by all means, purchase from an eBay store that is reputable and has great reviews.  I was lucky enough to purchase two beautiful Chanel bags for a great price, one of which is shown below.  The 2004 perfect pink timeless shoulder bag, was a steal at $2,500 AUD.  It was from a private seller and she had purchased it in a New York consignment shop, and stored it away in her closet for years unused.

Source: Instagram kat_@theluxaholic

We would advise to proceed with caution, and consult with a luxe buyer who can help you verify if the bag is a diamond or a dud.

Facebook Groups

A lesser known method of buying and selling is from within Facebook Groups.  These are groups run typically by luxury obsessed people who volunteer to administer a forum / buy sell groups. 

Different groups have different rules, and some are stricter than others when it comes to what can be sold in the group.   We don’t recommend this approach for someone who is new to luxury however, as the possibility of being scammed (e.g. not receiving an item) or an item being inauthentic is slightly higher than the platforms listed above.  

For clarification, we do NOT recommend Facebook Marketplace as it is well known for being an unregulated market for counterfeit luxury.   

Finally, when buying from these platforms you will need to keep in mind that custom taxes and shipping are in addition to the purchase price, so leave a buffer to account for those extra expenses.

IG Sellers

We have shared our favourite instagram resellers, and yes, while this might be news to you, many people the world over buy luxury from instagram accounts.  Money can be wired or sent via paypal, and communication is mostly over direct message.  It’s the new way of buying, and if you’re lucky to spot a great discount on a bag you love in an instagram story, snap that bag up as stock on these accounts do not sit idle for very long!

There are many other IG sellers that are also excellent, the best tip is to ask for more photos, make sure that the seller has the bag on hand (i.e. in their possession)

 Tips when making payment for your preloved designer bag:

  1. ALWAYS pay using paypal where possible as if there are issues, the buyer is often supported in any disputes.
  2. ALWAYS request shipping / tracking details
  3. KEEP copies of your messages and photos of the item that was advertised.

So you finally purchased your preloved designer bag, what should you do next?

Apart from thoroughly inspecting the bag itself, we would always recommend getting your item authenticated by a third party, to give yourself the additional assurance that your item is authentic.

Authentication Services we recommend:

  1. Hermes bags – Bababebi
  2. Chanel bags – Zeko & Lollipuff
  3. Other Brands –
    1. Real Authentication
    2. Bagaholic
    3. Entrupy

You are also able to get a designer bag authenticated using only the seller’s photos, doing this before you purchase will give you peace of mind.

There are also physical stores that sell luxury as well and the benefit of those will be that you an inspect the item in person before purchasing (e.g. Blue Spinach in Redfern), however the world is quickly moving online and there is a thriving luxury designer bag market for preloved designer bags.

I have purchased numerous preloved bags and have been able to save a lot off the RRP.  Generally speaking a preloved bag in good condition would net you at least 20% off, however there are some exceptions to this for classic Chanel and Hermes bags that appreciate over time.  Rare and limited edition pieces from designer brands can also fetch higher than their original retail price, so it is best that you do some research on the bag you have in mind.

If you have purchased from any of the sellers above, let us know your experiences or if there are other platforms or sellers that you recommend, comment down below!

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