Introducing our Fendi Love Affair – Stephanie Lee

Tell us a bit more about yourself?  

Thank you for inviting me to write a feature for The Luxaholic!

I’m Steph, a Sydney-based lawyer, fur mum (to adorable frenchie Bern), shoe addict and major foodie who at the moment is trying to experiment a bit more in the kitchen!

Since I was a young girl, I have always had a keen interest in fashion, clothing and shoes. I loved playing dress ups and trying on my mum’s clothes, shoes and make up whilst she wasn’t looking. I was the little girl who took too long to get ready because despite having a closet full of clothes, I had “nothing to wear”. I don’t think anything has changed over the years!

My fashion style is classic and feminine and I’m particularly partial to a structured blazer in neutral or monochromatic colours. One of the most important things I have learned since leaving my 20’s is investing in timeless pieces which will stand the test of time. I try not to buy too much fast fashion but of course there is always Zara which is one of my favourite stores!

My number one fashion tip is to pair affordable pieces with a timeless blazer and a statement shoe for a polished look.

We know you’re a bit of a Fendi girl and we’d love to know why you’re such a fan?  

I love that Fendi has a deep family history and strong female presence at the heart of its maison in Rome. Fendi was established in 1925 by Adele and Edoardo Fendi as a specialist leather and fur shop located on Rome’s Via del Plebiscito. The couple had 5 daughters who joined the family business in 1946. Fendi later partnered with designer Karl Lagerfeld and introduced their ready-to-wear collection in 1977.

My favourite two bag silhouettes are Silvia Venturini-Fendi’s Baguette and Peekaboo. I think every woman out there will remember Carrie Bradshaw’s fabulous sparkly purple baguette in Sex and the City! I knew then that I had fallen in love with Fendi and have always had that purple number on my wishlist.

I also love that the Fendi Peekaboo was designed with functionality in mind. Venturi-Fendi’s desire was to create a more subtle luxury that can transcend each season. The first Fendi Peekaboo was a very classic and versatile black piece. Over time, the use of different sizes, colours, materials and finishes has ensured that there is the right Peekaboo out there for every person.

What was your first Fendi piece?  

My first Fendi piece was a gold ID necklace which is featured below along with some of my other favourite pieces. I remember purchasing this piece in the Fendi David Jones Sydney store over 10 years ago. I had a lovely experience at the store and for a few years it was my favourite piece of jewellery which I wore with everything. The necklace was then put away until this year when I discovered it again whilst going through some old boxes! Needless to say, it has again become part of my regular rotation of necklaces and I find it is also an excellent layering piece when worn with other gold chains and necklaces.

What is your favourite Fendi piece and how do you style it?   

My favourite Fendi piece is without a doubt the Fendi Peekaboo!

I find it is the perfect bag for work, casual lunches or a cute little dinner date! For work, I prefer the Peekaboo medium in black which goes with any and all work outfits and can keep you looking stylish from 9 to 5 through to after work drinks.

The Peekaboo that I use most (and possibly is my favourite!) is the mini size.

Despite its petite appearance, it can hold a lot of essential items and comes with a cross body strap. The thing I love about the peekaboo is that you can keep it classic by wearing it as is, pairing it with a silk wrappy or making it a bit more fun by adding a colourful strap or a cute bag charm. My favourite charm is the teen witch fur charm which is styled below with my mini peekaboo with python handle.

Look 1

Fendi Peekaboo medium, accessories and blazer. Tee by Zara.  Leather pants by Willow / KITX and shoes are Dior.

Look 2

Fendi Peekaboo X Lite and strap, belt and necklace.  Zara top, Kmart Jeans, ACNE jacket.  Shoes are by Christian Louboutin.  

Look 3

Fendi Peekaboo mini and bag charm.  Playsuit by Zimmermann and shoes are by Valentino. 

What would you recommend as the 3 must have items from Fendi?  

The 3 must have items from Fendi are the Peekaboo (obviously!), a classic gold necklace (my necklace is not available anymore but I love the Karligraphy necklace) and the nano Baguette charm. The nano baguette charm can be used as a bag charm, mini wallet or mini cross body bag. There are now so many different colours and materials to choose from and I want them all!

Which items from Fendi are you not a fan of and why?  

Despite the popularity, I am not a huge fan of the Mon Tresor mini bucket bag.


I have tried to love it but at the end of the day, I find it hard to style. I have seen it worn by others and it looks great but perhaps it just does not suit my style and wardrobe!

What’s coming up from Fendi that you think we should keep watch of or will be a trending piece?    

The new California Sky collection was recently released and there are so many beautiful items! The pieces were designed collaboratively with designer and artist Joshua Vides.

I have my eye on a medium white Peekaboo with a black and white FF embroidered inner pocket. I also like the white mini Peekaboo with selleria leather.

I feel like most of us (myself included) have a fear of owning a white bag but I am slowly coming around to it. I believe that white may be on its way to be the new black! I have also tried on a couple of other white bags from other labels (Dior, I’m looking at you!) and am really loving that clean, crisp look. I think a white bag may be my next purchase.

Lastly, if money was no object which Fendi piece would you buy?  

A few years ago, I absolutely fell in love with a Peekaboo with selleria leather and an exotic handle and inner pocket / partition. It was a little outside of my price range at the time so I did not purchase it. Over the years I have thought about that bag and been waiting for another one to be released but no luck so far. With the constant price increases happening across the board, I anticipate that any further release of that bag will come in at a very high price but it’s always good to dream right?

If you loved this interview, go to Stephanie’s IG @stephandbern to get to know her and her gorgeous frenchie!

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