Interview Series: How to care for your designer bag with LUXEGARDE

Today we learn about the important but often neglected topic of how to take care of our bags.

We interview the founder of Luxegarde to learn more about their products and some clever tips on how to care for our bags! We spend SO much money on these luxuries that we want them to last years.

What inspired you to create the Luxegarde products? 

We’re all a bit fanatical when It comes to high end leather bags and shoes! For the longest time we struggled to find the right products In Australia that we felt were actually effective on our collection. So we set out to create our very own leather care range!

How did you trial your products, what process did you go through?

Every single one of our leather care products have been thoroughly tested on almost all our leather goods so we can be confident they work and will not damage the leather. We also put our customer “hat” on every time and make sure it’s good enough for our own collection first before we even think about production.

What Is your top selling product? 

Definitely our Leather Protector. We just can’t keep up the demand; we’re actually just about to sell out again. And I don’t blame them – we love It too. It does everything from forming a protective layer on the leather preventing stains (and making them easier to remove If accidents happen!) to conditioning the leather. So pretty much leather protector spray and leather conditioner in one!

Our Leather Protector In action; protecting vachetta leather against water stains!

What do you recommend as the best method for storing handbags?

Stuff bag with tissue paper or a pillow to keep shape and store inside dustbag so the bag can breathe but is still protected against dust and sunlight. Hang up chains to prevent marks on the leather – you can use a jewellery stand for this or use Command stick-on hooks. Never store inside the box as this can cause mold to form on the bag!

How should people care for their designer bags, what would you suggest they do regularly?

Leather care does not have to be complicated! For items that are boutique-fresh, apply a thin layer of Leather Protector to protect against dirt, stain and colour transfer. Wipe bag down with a dry cloth after use, and apply regular leather care routine every 2-3 months.

You are expanding into bag accessories such as inserts and bag chains, how did this come about?

Our customers kept asking for them and we saw a gap In the market for affordable but high quality Inserts and bag organizers, that aren’t generic or have extra long lead time. We prototype each one from scratch so we know It will be the perfect fit. We expanded into chains and straps as we thought it compliments some of the bag organizers we were producing, eg we created an insert for Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouches with D rings so it can be converted into a bag! The feedback have been overwhelmingly positive so we’re continuing to expand our range. Watch this space!

Toiletry Pouch 26 shown here with our organizer + 24k gold-plated chain!

If you could have one bag, what would it be and why?

Definitely a Chanel Classic Flap In Lambskin with GHW. Nothing’s more.. well classic!

What’s in your bag right now?

Over the years I’ve moved from a kitchen-sink kind of girl to a bit of a minimalist. Nowadays It’s pretty much just my Phone, Chanel zippy wallet, keys, Charlotte Tilbury lippie (they’re the best!), mints, AirPod and of course hand sanitiser!



If you are interested in purchasing the products go to their website or leave a comment below about any tips you would like to share with us about taking care of designer bags!

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