Interview Series: How I scored my first Hermès Kelly with Ms Rach

Today we are interviewing the beautiful and sweet Ms Rach of @msrach_ whom we have asked her to share her exciting story of how she managed to score her first Hermes bag at the Sydney flagship store!

Tell us more about yourself and your IG account @msrach_ we absolutely love your photos they are so beautiful!  

Thank you! I am an average 40+ yo woman who just happily shares my love and positive outlook of life.. and saving to splurge for a little bit of luxury (travelling, shopping and fine dining). My first ever IG post was in Sept 2014 and love looking back and seeing how Ive evolved since! I haven’t been too focused on building the number of followers, as I prefer to have quality and genuine followers who I can interact and engage with.  I am currently loving the IG friends I have made and the support I have been getting from the IG community!

How did you start your luxury bag collection?  

Similar to a lot of others, I started off with Michael Kors, Coach and Kate Spade and I enjoyed that journey too. Then I delved into Louis Vuitton and Gucci in 2011. In 2014 I bought my first WOC from CHANEL which has always been my dream luxury brand. The feeling of owning one was amazing and I just knew my heart was set on CHANEL. I have purchased other handbags over the years like Prada, Valentino and Chloe, but later on found my style, my faves, and most of all my love for quality, timeless and iconic pieces … and my collection turned mostly into CHANEL and Dior, until recently I entered the wonderful world of Hermes!

We are all Itching to know how you were able to get your first Hermes bag at Sydney FH store! 

After visiting the Hermes FSH in Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore in 2016, I began to love the brand. Especially after purchasing my first Oran sandals from the FSH, and after wearing them time and time again, I realised the amazing quality and craftmanship of Hermes because today, they still look and feel brand new. I have then purchased more shoes, some fashion jewellery and pieces for hubby too.  Like every other girl, I have dreamt of owning a Birkin or a Kelly but I wasn’t financially ready. However, early this year, after selling a few handbags and now owning a curate handbag collection of CHANEL and Dior, I knew I was ready.

I also thought it was the perfect time as there is no travelling for at least the next 2 years! So I can use my travel funds! (Yes I am a freak with budgeting & spreadsheets haha)

So I started to research a bit more about Hermes, the history, the type of leathers, stitching, the Artisans and the craftmanship.

I then learned a bit more about the Hermes game, and that Australia only had about 2% of stock worldwide. I then knew It was going be a long journey for me, which I didn’t mind because what’s the rush?

I already own and use handbags which I absolutely love, and I wanted a lot of pieces from Hermes, particularly the homewares and soft furnishings, as I was also in the process of restyling my home.

In July 2020, the new Hermes Sydney FSH store opened which I thought was the perfect time to visit and officially start my Hermes journey! So hubby and I went and randomly met my H fairy for the first time! That day we purchased my Avalon blanket and pillows, and my SA and I just really hit it off. We didn’t get to go back again until September 2020 for my Birthday. This time my goal was to get to know my SA more, and learn more about the brand and the history.. I tried on a few bags.. studied the different leathers, stitchings, hardwares and colours.. My SA allowed me to try on a Kelly28 and a few others.. this was the first time I had ever held and seen these Hermes bags up close.. and what they said In the reviews were true!

The sizes are so different in real life (they look bigger in pics) and the leathers are absolutely beautiful, and colours are much more alive and vibrant!

I had no expectations from my SA… and my SA did explain the difficulty in being offered a B or a K and that it may take 2-3 years. I was grateful to my SA for their time, and after purchasing my Kelly belt (which I was super excited about) and a few homewares, I left feeling positive and had even bigger goals for my H journey.

To my surprise, the next morning, I got “the call” from my SA!! He asked if I wanted to come and see him because he had a bag for me! and that he was offering me a bag from my Wishlist! I couldn’t believe it and my heart was pounding!! So hubby and I went back in straight away. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by my SA, who asked us to meet him downstairs. We then saw him come out with a big orange box all wrapped up in plastic. He then says lets go somewhere private and we followed him to a room!

And that was the first time I met Ms Kelly 28 Sellier, in Epsom leather, Bleu Atoll colour and shiny gold hardware. She was absolutely PERFECT.

Everyone knows me as Ms Neutral and basic whites/blacks but I have always dreamed of owning a Kelly In a pop of colour! I think the Kelly is the perfect understated low key bag that simply stands out in a pop of colour! (and keeps me young looking hahaha).  I still can’t believe that I was offered my first Hermes bag after just 2 months, with not much of a spending history!

After my SA said to me “Welcome to the world of Hermes”… I just knew that this was life changing.. and realised that dreams do come true!

What advice would you give someone trying to get their first bag from Hermes?

Don’t get too caught up in the Hermes game. Take your time and build that relationship with your SA. Learn to love the brand even if it will take you years. The SAs have been trained and have been in the industry long enough to know when you’re just desperate to score a ‘quota bag’. Remember that a lot of women are in the same shoes as us! I have spoken to many others who have been loyal to their SA, have a great relationship, spent 1:1 ratio, waited over 2 years and still no bag offer! Its better to be surprised than disappointed. It will also help you make better decisions, and away from impulse purchases just to reach that spending ratio.

And most of all, ENJOY your Hermes journey! I was absolutely loving mine and I was even prepared for the 2-3 year wait! Also remember to be grateful for what we have.. Hermes or not! Sometimes the chase blinds us from our current blessings.

What bag do you want to add into your collection next, do you have the infamous H bug?  

Yes I have definitely caught the H bug! I still absolutely love CHANEL and Dior especially their classic pieces but my wishlist is now purely focused on Hermes haha! Would love a Birkin next! I have other bags on my Hermes wishlist too but will keep them to myself for now 🙂  Also, worth noting that now that I have my Kelly, if she was to be it and no further offers or Birkins come my way, I am super happy because I am absolutely grateful and in love her 🙂



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  1. M L
    M L
    23 October, 2020 at 3:20 pm

    Such a lovely article I just read while enjoying my morning coffee at 7am! I admit that even my heart skipped a beat when I read that you got the (infamous) Hermes Call. We just really need to focus on being not just happy for us but everyone else too! It is a stunning bag and gurl YOU DESERVE!!! xoxo M

  2. Katherine
    Katherine • Post Author •
    22 October, 2020 at 11:11 pm

    Thank you for sharing your story @msrach_ not only is the bag gorgeous but so are you! Totally deserved and your patience paid off xx


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