Chanel Price Increase March 2022

Chanel has once increased their prices again on the 3rd of March 2022, starting the year with more heart break for those who want a Chanel classic bag.

Here is the latest update for the price increases, most notably the Chanel Coco Handle has gone up to a whopping $7,610 AUD.

This information is courtesy of Brandaddict Luxury Australia FB Group

Timeless Classic Mini Square Flap $5,980 to $6,280
Timeless Classic Mini Rectangle Flap $6,250 to $6,560
Classic Mini Rectangle Flap with Top Handle from $6690 to $7020
Timeless Classic Small Flap $12,340 to $12,950
Timeless Classic Medium Flap $13,190 to $13,850
Timeless Classic Jumbo Flap $14,200 to $14,910
(price increase is consistent for Reissue)
Le Boy Small $7,680 to $8,060
Le Boy Medium $8,390 to $8,810
Chanel Coco Small A92990 $7,250 to $7,610
Chanel Coco Medium A92991 ? to $8,330
Chanel 19 Small $8,030 to $8,430
Chanel 19 Medium $8,930 to $9,380
*prices for 19 varies depending on leather/hardware
Classic Wallet On Chain $4,190 to $4,400
Classic Card Holder AP0213 $620 to $650
Classic Card Holder with Snap Button AP0214 $810 to $850
Classic Mini-O-Case/Mini Pouch A82365 $810 to $850
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