Chanel November Price Increase

Chanel November Price Increase

Dear Luxaholics, we are currently mourning Chanel’s latest price increase this November.

Didn’t we just have a price increase in July that was devastating enough?

The prices now are SO far out of reach, Chanel may as well sell their bags on some far off planet that only the extremely wealthy live.

I’m feeling sad because Chanel does not want my money.

Well, that’s FINE because I am quite frankly over it, and haven’t stepped into a Chanel boutique for a long time because my bank prohibits me from entering their store.

So here is the latest price updates in USD, AUD and EURO, courtesy of Mel in Melbourne.

This is a comparison of the increases between July 2021 and November in 2021.  This is the THIRD increase this year!

I suppose the pandemic hurt their sales revenue so much so they had to increase the prices by up to 40% this year just to compensate.

Not everything was smacked with the price increase, the mini flap which some consider as an entry level flap bag was spared.

There is a LOT I could buy for the price of a classic flap, for example:

  1. Kitchen renovation
  2. Overseas Holiday
  3. FIVE other designer bags!
  4. Bills, Bills, Bills

You keep breaking my heart Chanel.


However, out of this has come a new realisation that my Chanel bags have increased in value, such that they’ve now become harder to part with!

Similar to share investments, my strategy is to hold onto the bags for as long as possible and sell them as part of my retirement plan.

Chanel is definitely an investment, especially the classic flap bags!  I regret not getting more when they were merely $6,000 AUD. #firstworldproblems

If you want to hear more about the increase, click Mel’s video for the horrifying details.


And if you can’t stomach the prices for a new Chanel bag, why not shop pre-loved at FASHIONPHILE and save your money?


The Luxaholic Team

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