Chanel Houndstooth Tweed Classic Flap Review

Today we’re introducing Markus of @imperfectiongg as an official writer on our blog!  He is funny and sharp witted with impeccable taste and we at The Luxaholic are thrilled to have him on board!  In this article, Markus gives us his in depth review of one of the hottest Chanel bags to have come out in 2020.  

Dear readers, I apologize in advance if you came here and expected to find a short written review on this bag and how amazing it is… Yet here I am turning the whole deal into a story time event and hoping you might like it anyway. Please enjoy 🙂

This bag is probably the most sought after bag of the entire Spring-Summer 2020 collection if not all currently available bags by Chanel (Please correct me if I’m wrong!!).

I was able to purchase this particular bag back in April just after the strict lockdown on Frankfurt was lifted and boutiques such as Chanel were allowed to go about their business again. Back then I sent my SA several items I was interested in and among them was the Houndstooth Tweed. Even when I pressed “send” I was laughing at myself because I (thought I) knew that she wouldn’t have it in anyway. The Frankfurt Boutique (at least in my mind) doesn’t yet get the attention it deserves from Paris and so availability of products in general is either bad or non-existent. So imagine my surprise when she replied “We have this in stock” and sent me a picture right after. I was over the moon and immediately begged her to reserve it for me, telling her that I would be coming in as soon as I can (literally rushed there the very same day).

At the store I took my time trying it on – amongst a variety of other bags… like A LOT – as it was actually my first time treating myself to a Chanel bag too. The few customers that were in the store at the time kept staring at us readying their voices to shout “MINE” if I were to pass on this opportunity. Several months later it is now sitting on my dressing table – always greeting me with a smile – unless it’s packed back up in its dustbag and lying in my closet as dust is its natural enemy. And thus let the informative part of this review begin.

Let us get the bad out of the way to then focus on the good:

-Allergic to dust – better keep your place vacuumed – else you might find very little dust mice tangled up in the tweed. -Whilst the tweed itself holds up really well for now (fingers crossed!) I already know it will be not the easiest material to clean so sometimes even I have to think twice about what to wear with it before I leave the house.

-Threading – it is tweed; what were we thinking! Of course every now and then you will find a loose or loosened up thread – you best decide beforehand if you can live with that or not. OCD and all that shenanigans.

-Crossbody? Only if we are petite or didn’t have a care in the world – I could but won’t do it – it would go along with current “how guys wear bags” trend but HELL NO – leave the poor bag in peace and don’t strain it unnecessarily 🙁

There really isn’t that much bad to say about the bag – most of my friends would probably add “You (as in me) not loving it enough” onto the list of the bad and drag me to the town center to be publicly shamed.

Even though my love might fail in comparison to others that see it there is still a lot I like about this bag:

-It fits EVERYTHING I need – my SA even advised me to not get the Mini version (YES! I was able to try Mini and Medium at the same time – the universe agreed with me that day XD) because I would just return a month later craving and crying for a bigger bag. And you can fit more than you would think at first – two phones (though I usually carry one in my hand), hand fan, Chanel cardholder, LV 6 key ring holder, house keys, tissues, microfiber cloth for my glasses, headphones… and that is about what I carry if I really need it all.

Image @imperfectiongg

After much debate with myself at the boutique I went for this bag instead of the Deauville they had also available at the time – I just wanted a classic Chanel bag – CC turnlock and all and I think THIS is THE BAG to get if one classic is all you think about getting.  The dustbag – whatever material it is – feels so DIVINE to the touch. The best dust bag I ever held (and I held a lot of them; even used my SLGS only with their dust bag for the longest time).

So glad I went for a classic flap in the end to get that “special” dust bag only these get. If you remember the comment about threading earlier the bag can actually be fixed by the in boutique seamstress should there be a small defect that they are able to fix. So essentially this bag might not need to leave your side for weeks/months on end to go to Paris and be treated like royalty. My SA reassured me of that when I showed her a loose threat I spotted at the bottom – I should just come in and cry for help she said.

Probably the most important pro that this bag has for me is… it MAKES HEADS TURN! You are the center of attention, make people jealous, make them point, make them stare, make them gasp and I cannot lie… I LOVE IT. Of course in a natural way XD not Ursula evil underwater witch style… well maybe…

If you want an absolute showstopper Chanel bag you won’t ever regret buying – this is the bag for you 🙂 I would never lie to you.
xoxo Markus

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  1. Estelle Machell
    Estelle Machell
    15 February, 2021 at 11:11 pm

    Love the review, thank you. A few months later, how are you finding the fabric? I’ve been covering the same (different model) for a while now but concerned wearing it cross body will probably damage the fabric too much. I can handle some pulls, but not if it gets too tatty or discoloured (eg denim staining?). Decisions. Decisions!

  2. Cappuccinos Consignment
    Cappuccinos Consignment
    21 October, 2020 at 2:17 am

    Tweed is SUCH a Chanel classic but I would be TERRIFIED of the snags. But it’s so fabuleux, I would definitely take the chance. Besides, I have not seen many with this belle.

    • M L
      M L
      23 October, 2020 at 5:24 am

      Thank you so much for your comment J <3. Means the world to me. Gosh the snags… let me tell you at first I even though I spilled coffee on my bag because I saw some brown amongst the white threads but thank god thats just the thread itself… As much as this bag is a showstopper it just as easily causes heartattacks XD That you don't see this bag as often as like a Kelly, Birkin or just plain caviar classic flap is all the more reason I love it. Of course I am not the only one owning the bag but HELL I love being super unique.

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