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We are a community of people who love Luxury Handbags. We are made up of Luxaholics, avid shoppers, and those who are new to luxury. We are here to share the good and the bad (in a nice way) and help you find your next purchase!

Here at The Luxaholic, everyone’s opinion counts.

Join us to “review, compare and buy” luxury handbags.


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In 2019, good friends Katherine, Sheilla and Cheryl came together for drinks and the concept for The Luxaholic was formed.

We were frustrated that there was not yet an online platform to help buyers explore and decide on their next luxury handbag purchase based on user reviews.

So we decided to build this platform ourselves and create a one-stop-shop where users could browse the hottest bags, discuss the pros and cons, find out new ways to wear it, and so much more!

The Online Luxury market is growing faster than ever before. Luxury brands are releasing new designs and handbags constantly and the demand is increasing every day.

Statistics show that people are more likely to purchase products that have positive reviews, and this is especially important for luxury goods with higher price points.

87% of consumers place as much trust in a product review as they would word-of-mouth!

The Luxaholic is a platform to help people make choices about what to buy specifically in the luxury goods market.

Come and join our community, leave a review and share your knowledge of luxury and help other bag lovers decide which designer bag to buy next!

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The Luxaholic Team.

Katherine Le

Katherine Le

Co-Founder, CEO

Self-confessed Luxaholic with a bag collection that includes vintage and new Chanel, Hermes Kelly, Louis Vuitton.

Her favourite brand is: Chanel.

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Sheilla Bobadillia

Co-Founder, COO

Gorgeous mamma of two who believes that life’s too short to not own pretty things.

Her favourite brand is: Louis Vuitton


Cheryl Tang

Co-Founder, CMO

A virgin Luxaholic to the world of designer handbags and her love for brands and bags grows everyday. Queen of social, loves to chat and stay on of the latest trends. Takes a pragmatic approach to her style.

Her Favourite brand is: Saint Laurent