5 Pros & Cons of the Chanel Mini Reissue

Chanel Mini Reissue Pros and Cons
Today we have guest blogger @lisaluxurycorner share her 5 Pros & Cons of the Chanel Mini Reissue. Get the latest tips on your favourite designers on her website and YouTube channel.

On the next part of my Chanel series, I will be sharing 5 pros and cons of the Chanel Mini Reissue, and analyse whether the bag is worth the price tag.

A few months ago, I had purchased this bag at $6250 AUD, which is on the higher end, compared to other regions. For an international comparison of the prices according to each region for the Chanel Mini Flap and Chanel Mini Reissue, click here.



  1. Leather durability and wear
    Aged calfskin is less delicate and shows less wear compared to lambskin and other leathers. Due to the nature of the leather, future creases will blend into the leather
  2. Price
    Get the look without spending over $10,000 on a Chanel bag
  3. Chain strap
    The four grommets allows the chain strap to double up so you can wear it both ways; as a crossbody bag or a shoulder bag
  4. Wearable for anyone over 5ft
    If you are over 5ft, you do not have to worry about the bag being too long for you as it will sit well on the hip as a crossbody bag
  5. No CC turnlock
    Unlike the classic chanel bags, there is no CC turnlock, which makes it a great subtle everyday designer bag that only luxury lovers will recognise



  1. Wear and tear on turn lock
    The turn lock will show more wear over time as it is exposed to the natural oils of your hands and being opened and closed constantly
  2. Metal chain
    The nature of the metal chain rubbing against your clothes when you wear it will contribute towards wear and tear over time. Additionally, if you have long hair, it can get caught in the chain
  3. No feet at the bottom of bag
    Without any feet at the bottom of the bag, the leather bottom will show signs of wear and tear over time. You will have to make sure you aren’t placing it on the ground on any dirty surfaces
  4. Back pocket
    The back pocket is purely for design purposes and will not fit anything more than a tissue
  5. Rounded bottom
    While the bag can be flattened into a travel bag, it cannot sit flat on the ground with its rounded bottom. You will have to leave it sitting there flat to reshape the bottom so it can sit properly

Considering these factors, it is worth the price tag but it’s important to sign up for the waitlist if you haven’t already to secure the bag before the next price increase comes along.

If you aren’t sure about which bag you want to get, take a look at the comparison between the Chanel Mini Reissue and Chanel Mini flap here.

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